Truth About The Human Meat Restaurant in Japan, (or China, Germany, Nigeria or Thailand)

There are various viral posts and messages being spread on social media and WhatsApp about the newly opened restaurant in Japan that serves food made using human meat

Report of a newly opened restaurant in Japan is being spread all over social media and even some websites have published articles about this. The report claims that the country has recently introduced (allegedly in 2014) a new law where people can eat human flesh with some conditions. What is the truth about it?

Although this alleged news was first published in 2016, the story has got a traction in November 2017, when a (a user-generated content website) user published the article again and made it viral by sharing on every platform. As of now, this post has reached over 1 million views, according to the statistics provided by the website page.

When we research on this topic to find the original source of the news article, we found a website called La Voz Popular, which is a satirical content site, where articles are being published just for fun and everything published over there are fake. Original article was published in July 2017 in Spanish language and they have combined some portion of their another satire article about the Japan government’s “human flesh food” law that was published as an April fool joke in 2016.

The article has even gave a name to the restaurant – The Resoto ototo no shoku ryohin, translates to “Edible Brother.” That fake post goes on saying:

A scary restaurant opened its doors to the Japanese public and from all over the world, where it offers its customers a varied menu where prices vary from 100 up to 1000 euros, that is to say the dish with human flesh, more expensive would be 1193 US dollars.

This fake news also says that any youngsters can apply to giveaway their body after death for some money (30 thousand euros / 35,799 dollars) that will be given to his/her family. And voila!, and the fake news goes viral. Many people could have shared the post just for fun, but in between these funny posts, many innocents actually believe such news and spread it like wildfire!

This is not the first time a story about human flesh/meat restaurant is being circulated. There are various posts about such human meat restaurants on internet using titles associated with different countries such as Germany, Thailand, Nigeria and China (most favourite country for such fake news). Be smart, be a Fake Buster and spread the truth!

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