Veteran Bollywood Actor Kader Khan Lives In Canada With His Sons

The intention of writing this story is because, there were various claims, pics and even videos that said Kader Khan was dead, these stories are being spread on social media since 2003!

Claim: Kader Khan, a veteran Bollywood actor, was rumored dead various times. If you do a Google search, you will see many posts and images on the web which are trying to convey that he is no more.

Fact: It’s FAKE. He is alive and living with his sons in Canada.

It’s true that Kader Khan had a knee injury and the operation didn’t do well. His son said that the operation wasn’t the issue. He said, “The surgery did not go wrong. It was just that my father refused to get up after the surgery. We were told that he has to make an effort and try to start walking from the next day. He just didn’t do that and….” (Source: Spotboye)


Kader Khan now lives in Canada with his sons, as he is a Canadian citizen. His son confirmed that the veteran actor is fine and leading a very happy and luxurious life with him, his wife and his son.

The above news are from March 2017, but as of now, we got the latest report about him is of July 14, where Instagram account filmywave posted a pic of slim, fit and smiling Kader Khan. In the photo, the actor can be seen sitting comfortably on a cushioned chair, smiling for the camera as he gestures to remove his cap.


One of the iconic actors in Bollywood, Kader Khan has played many kind of roles in movies. He was known for his proficiency in Urdu words in movie dialogues and he was popular as a comedian. His partnerships in movies with actor Shakti Kapoor, director David Dhawan and actor Govinda were successful and has their own die-hard fan followers.


Let’s wish him a very happy life ahead. “We miss you everyday sir!”

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