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Australian teen’s legs were attacked by flesh-eating sea bugs – Fake or Real?

An unusual incident happened in the sea shore of Melbourne, Australia, where a teen’s legs were attacked by strange flesh-eating sea bugs that left his feet pour out blood continuously for several hours

A story of an unusual incident that is said to be happened in Melbourne, Australia, is being shared wildly on social media. The story says that an Australian teen get attacked by a swarm of flesh-eating sea bugs when he soaked his feet in the sea water for 30 minutes after playing soccer. The report is TRUE.

This news was covered by major authentic news channels as well as news websites. It’s been reported that. according to the boy, he got the tingling sensation in his feet after a few minutes of soaking his feet in the sea water, but he thought that it’s because of the cold water and soaring feet due to playing soccer. But, when he removed his feet out of water after 30 minutes, he saw his feet covered by blood and it was unstoppable.

However, many reports said that the cause of this massive blood flow from the teen’s legs were sea-lice. But the marine scientists concluded that those weren’t sea lice, those were flesh-eating sea fleas. After removing those critters out of his legs, scientists provided them red meat and the swarm of these sea fleas attracted towards it.

According to the scientists, these sea fleas are not rare in sea, they eat the dead fish or any dead meats found at the bottom of the sea. But the massive attack on human is strange. Mostly, because of the soaring legs or any cuts in the feet of the teen would have attracted the swarm.

On 6 August 2017, Daily Mail Australia published an article with a title:

Teen rushed to hospital with blood pouring from his feet after flesh-eating SEA BUGS attacked him as he swam at a Melbourne beach

The news from Daily Mail describes a 5 August 2017 incident in which a 16-year-old Australian teen Sam Kanizay decided to soak his legs in the ocean after playing soccer. When he removed his legs from the water after about 30 minutes, they were covered in blood:

Sam Kanizay, 16, was soaking his legs in the water at Dendy Street Beach in Brighton, Melbourne, on Saturday evening when he said he felt his legs tingling. He told Fairfax Media he presumed it was because his legs were sore from playing football and the water was cold.

The next day, Sydney Morning Herald also published the news and later published an updated version with the inputs from the scientists.

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