Marlboro isn’t giving away any free cigarette cartons to celebrate their 100th or 110th anniversary

How could Marlboro celebrates its 100th (some sites say 110th) anniversary now, when the company itself was founded in 1924, i.e., 93 years ago.

The more and more people joining internet and becoming regular users of social media platforms, the more scammers try to trick innocent users to gain something from them. In the case of “Free Marlboro Cigarette Carton Giveaway” scam, all they are gaining is advertisement revenue, who knows the scammers would also try to install malware on your computer to gain further access to your private information.

There are various websites claims to giveaway free Marlboro cigarette cartons to celebrate the company’s anniversary, some claims 100th, some claims 110th and a few claims 144th anniversary. The similarity between these viral Facebook posts are the way of getting traffic to websites and the way of setup. Every such claims in a Facebook post has a link to click to initiate the claim process and every post’s title says “only 150 cartons remaining” or “only XXX cartons remaining so claim fast.”

How they make money from this silly fake giveaway website? Simple, there will be some advertisement banners around the landing page where you will be asked to “Like” and “Share” their giveaway news to your friends on Facebook or YouTube. Some of these posts even ask you to send that giveaway link to at least 5 Facebook groups. Many online scammers use these tricks in many “fake giveaways.” Especially, Modi Laptop Yojna in India.

In the US, scammers use the brand names such as Walmart, Costco, Home Depot, Best Buy, Kroger, Olive Garden, Publix and many other to trick social media users to click on their link and bring in more innocent users so that they would earn advertisement revenue from those clickbait banners posted on their landing pages. Those landing pages will also ask victims to complete online surveys to complete the process, where they will get revenue from those “survey providers” and you will get nothing!

For your information, Marlboro celebrated its 50th anniversary on 2006 and it never giveaway cigarette cartons to its customers. It was found that in clubs or bars the company has placed kiosk to get free cigarettes in some countries and it occasionally sends “cigarette coupons” to its registered customers. They never giveaway any cartons or cigarettes in the manner these online scammers doing.

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