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Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Conor McGregor Fight Cancelled After Mayweather’s Arrest? Real vs Fake

A video with the title “McGregor vs Mayweather FIGHT IS OFF! Mayweather ARRESTED!! LIVE FOOTAGE” is doing rounds on social media and is being extensively shared by thousands!

A video of Floyd Mayweather Jr’s arrest is being shared, where it was mentioned that “because of the arrest for not paying the tax, the August 2017’s fight between Mayweather and McGregor is called off!” What’s the truth?

This viral story has been published in a website named Top Buzz with the title “McGregor vs Mayweather FIGHT IS OFF! Mayweather ARRESTED!! LIVE FOOTAGE” and used a video of Mayweather’s arrest report from “13 Action News” channel.

Although this news video is genuine, the title is misleading. This video has not showed the date or the year of the arrest and the “report of fight cancel” has been added using a normal font over the video to show the half truth as authentic.

This arrest happened in 2010 where Floyd Mayweather Jr. was sent to a 90-day prison sentence for domestic harassment charge, and not for avoiding tax. And that arrest has no impact on the much hyped fight between McGregor and Mayweather in August 2017. The court sentenced him in December 22, 2011 and you can read an authentic news report here and here.

This is the video which is being shared wildly:

There is no authentic news report about his arrest in July or August 2017 in circulation. So, this is just another fake news. Be aware and do some Google search before coming to a conclusion about any news stories that’s been posted on social media. Support us and share this post with your friends. Like our Facebook page.

The fake story published here. (archived link)

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