Man Dies After “Holding In Farts” At His Girlfriend’s House – A Strange Story That’s Viral

This story was first published as a Facebook post and that attracted nearly 10K shares, later posted on websites and it was shared nearly 7K times, who knows how many people have actually read and shared it further!

According to a story that is going viral on social media right now, a man in Argentina dies because of a medical condition called “peritonitis”(inflammation of the peritoneum, typically caused by bacterial infection either via the blood or after rupture of an abdominal organ) because he was holding gas inside his stomach in his girlfriend’s house!

This story was published in a website called 8shit(dot)com on August 3rd and it became viral on social media, especially on Facebook. The article goes on to say, “Jorge Caradeculito went to visit his girlfriend at lunch and had lunch with her and her mother. Unfortunately, the food was not was he was used to eat. Shortly after, he got the need to start farting, but he didn’t want to have an embarrassing moment in his girlfriend’s house, so he started holding them.

Meanwhile, most of the readers never cared to check the authenticity of the story and just began to start sharing it wildly. Maybe, some of them thought it as a funny or strange incident and began to share it just for fun to make their friends laugh. However, the funny story going viral means, many people started believing in the story that was being told by a “Satire” website. Yes, 8Shit is a satire website and it states that in its “About” page. If you are a Spanish, then you would know the meaning of the “second name” of the deceased. It’s an offensive word in Spanish – “small ass face.”

Furthermore, this story wasn’t first published in this website. On July 20, 2017, it was published on a Mexican MeMe-posting and satirical story-sharing Facebook page called MeMedios Obregón. That post had nearly 9,200 shares, 4,500 comments and 4,200 likes. Later it was found in a Dominican website called “Informate Diario” on July 27, and posted on a Brazilian website “O Observador” on July 31. Those articles mentioned the incident place as San Carlos, Mexico, not Argentina!

It’s a satire article and a Fake News. Don’t be surprised to read the similar posts in any Indian or any other country’s websites or Facebook pages. What a strange world! Below is the post from the Mexican page:

8Shit archive link. Informate Diario archive link.

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