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iCarly star, American actress Miranda Cosgrove has been arrested for prostitution – Real or Fake?

A video with a title “iCarly child star MIRANDA COSGROVE has been ARRESTED for prostitution” surfaced on Twitter under the account “Now This” and later being shared by unreliable Facebook pages.

Was an American actress Miranda Cosgrove, who acted in iCarly teen sitcom TV show, arrested for prostitution? A video claiming the same is going viral on social media. The source of this viral news is a Twitter account, whose tweet with a video has been retweeted by over 12k users and liked by over 18k Twitterati.

Later, the same video has been uploaded and shared on various unreliable Facebook pages claiming that the singer/songwriter Miranda Cosgrove was arrested by police allegedly for prostitution. What’s the truth behind this news?

First of all, the video that was viral had a logo of a popular media agency “Now This” on the top right corner. The name of the source is also confusing for innocent social media users – “Not This.” The logo of this Twitter “parody” account also resembles the logo of “Now This.” It’s Twitter bio says: The number one source for 100% totally factual pop culture news. *parody acc*. The tweet embedded below. If you can’t watch it, click here to see the archived version of the tweet.

The video also has some “fake” screenshots of TMZ and Al Jazeera websites’ articles to make viewers believe in the news of “prostitution arrest.” If you watch the video closely, you can see that the alleged proposition by Miranda Cosgrove to someone in a car is not authentic, where the audio and video doesn’t match.

At the time of writing this post, the source video still available and still it’s getting users attention too. It’s a FALSE information. It’s a FAKE news. If someone reads stories like this, they should search for such news in Google or Facebook to find the reliable websites covering the stories. If no other reliable websites or media channels covers the story, just ignore it. You can also report “Fake News” spreading Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts and websites.

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