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OMG, A River Reborn in Israel Desert! Ah.. Palestine Desert! Is It A Miracle?

A few videos that has millions of views on YouTube, Facebook and who knows – It could have been shared on WhatsApp too!

A video (posted below) that shows a dry, desert-like place, is being flooded by water in a matter of few minutes. Another video has also been posted below that was also shot in same location, but a year later. However, every time these kind of videos were uploaded to the social media, people use the words such as “Miracle,” “river reborn,” “rebirth of river,” “God’s power,” and many exaggerating and clickbait titles.

Both the videos are being shared as a “river reborn in Israel” extensively. And, there are fights happening in the comments field too. People are commenting that it’s “river reborn in Palestine” as well. Whichever side they comment, people are attributing this flash flood as a miracle. What’s the truth behind this sudden flooding of water on an empty and dry riverbed?

There are hundreds to thousands of videos of flash floods on many rivers or dry places. The reason for the flash floods are either “rain” in a nearby/distant high altitude place (especially mountains) or the opening of any “dam” somewhere in that flood flowing area. Sometimes the high tides of a river or sea can flood nearby canals, but that’s not a rare phenomenon.

The same thing happened in Israel/Palestine river bed. Every year or two, people upload the videos of flash flood in different areas of the same desert area. The main video which went viral was uploaded in March 2014, and another footage was uploaded in March 2015. Everywhere it was titled as River Reborn in Israel! No rebirth, no miracle. It was just because of the heavy rainfall in a mountain range several miles away from that place.

Video was shot in Israel’s Negev desert and it was Zin river. In the video, you can see those people who are waiting for the flood, which is expected, and the locals somehow calculate the time of flash flood.

The river’s source is upon the slopes of the Ramon Crater, one of three Negev craters famed for its geological formations. It is located at the peak of Mount Negev, approximately 50 miles south of the city of Beersheba, and it ends in the Dead Sea. Hence, this flash flood happens every time when heavy rainfall occurs in the mountain range. Simple. No miracle. Now share this with your friends and let them know.

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