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Fact Check: Electric Shock Given To A Modi Supporter

A notorious right-wing Facebook page shared a video from News18 with a description that would lead to communal hatred! It has been shared by 5200+ people, watched over 1 lakh times and liked by almost 7k people as of now!

A notorious right-wing Facebook page Shankh Naad has uploaded a video which was taken from News18 website and shared it with a description that was given a communal angle. It was said that 2 persons from Muslim community have given electric shock to a Hindu person because he opposed them for abusing Narendra Modi.

News18’s Hindi website has also posted the same video with almost similar title. However, in reality, it was a pure Law & Order issue. The criminals have given electric shock to the person because he had stolen one of their mobile phone. It’s a horrific act and criminals should be punished.

Listen to what the doctor is saying at 0:50 of the video below (from Mirror Now news report):

You can also watch the news report from Aaj Tak Hindi TV channel:

Once again we say, this is a brutal and inhumane act and it’s just a Law and Order issue. Don’t give it a communal angle. Also read: Shankh Naad creates a fake story – protests of Muslims against Israel – with 6 year old Sri Lanka’s photo.

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