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Snake Rally (Procession with Snakes), 160kg Golden Shiva Statue and Shiv Temple – Fact Check

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and some “make money” websites spread the videos of procession of people holding snakes and discovery of Shiva statue. Many people have even combined these stories together to form another story!

Oh God! Many interesting stories (call it rumours) are being captioned to a viral video of hundreds of people carrying snakes in a procession. There was another story of a “160kg golden statue of Lord Shiva.” Let’s see how people combined these stories together and made many stories out of them.

One message in Kannada language claims (especially in Karnataka side) that a golden Shiv statue, weighing 160kgs, found in Ratnapuri of Bihar during the construction of a house and there were thousands of snakes covering the snakes. (Note that there is no city named Ratnapuri in Bihar, maybe even Ratnapura doesn’t exists in Bihar.) This message was attached with two photos of a metal statue of Hindu god Shiva in a police jeep and on a ground. An account on YouTube has also shared this video saying that it was shot during the Amarnath Yatra in India.

Another message with a video of people rallying by holding snakes above their heads (some of them carrying snakes on their neck and shoulder too!) tells viewers that it was taken after people found a golden statue of Shiva during an excavation along with thousands of snakes and people were carrying it without any fear because of the power of their belief!

Another video that showed golden coloured statue of Shiva and said that it was found in Ratnapura Bihar, one more said it was from Ratnapura UP, another said it was from Ratnapura Rajasthan. Some videos said that it was weighing 160kg, some said it was 148kgs. Photos and videos were same and the attached messages (captions) were different depending on the locations and languages. Overall, the snake rally and shiv statue messages, videos and photos were viral overall. I can’t track the exact number of shares because of the vast amount of shares in different languages.

A reputed Malayalam TV channel Asianet’s online media Newsable has also published this video and never tried to find out the truth about it. It just ended the video with the text “truth or hoax?”

What’s the truth of snake rally?

There are two news stories related to this video. A story dated 22 July 2017 by ABN Telugu TV channel claims that this is all about a Nag Panchami (Nagara Panchami) festival in Samastipur, Bihar. Another story (dated 15 July 2017) from India News reported a story where people were carrying and playing with snakes during the Nag Panchami festival in Darbhanga, Bihar. For your information, the distance between Samastipur and Darbhanga is just around 40kms. Both stories never mentioned any Shiv statue or golden statue or anything.

What’s the truth of 160kg golden statue of Lord Shiva?

According to an online media of a prominent daily Hindi newspaper of Rajasthan – Rajasthan Patrika, this statue of lord Shiva was found in Ratnapur village in Rajasthan near a railway bridge packed in a sack. This statue was weighing 30 kgs and it was not made of gold and there were no snakes nearby this sack of Shiv statue. Later it was found that the statue was being stolen from Gujarat’s Balaram temple and maybe the thieves dumped it near the railway bridge after founding it to be useless. Another video from Next9News claims almost same information.

  • No “160kg golden shiv statue” found during the house construction anywhere,
  • There were no snakes found anywhere near this statue.
  • People have not carried the snakes from the excavation site and
  • Those videos aren’t from Amarnat, nor from Ratnapura!
  • Most importantly, no one decided to build a Shiv temple where people found this “30kg shiv statue.”

Be aware, be smart! Don’t believe whatever you find in the social media or WhatsApp messages. Now share this article with those people who sent you or posted such videos and fake news!

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