Bihar CM Nitish Kumar’s old Facebook Note goes viral after joining hands with BJP

In October 2015, JDU’s leader posted an article through Facebook Note that was shared by nearly 1000 people and has got 5.7k likes and nearly 1000 comments.

With the title “the colour changing Modi,” JDU’s leader, Bihar’s current chief minister Nitish Kumar had written an article on Facebook, criticising the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi in October 2015. Now the time has changed. Being in the chief minister chair for over 1 year with the help of grand alliance with Lalu Prasad Yadav’s RJD and Indian National Congress party, suddenly he resigned to the CM post and took the support of BJP to become the CM the very next day. Now, the old article posted on social media seems to be haunting Nitish Kumar.

In his post, Nitish Kumar said that Narendra Modi is a chameleon which changes colour every now and then. He said that while seeking votes in elections Narendra Modi once said he was a Hindu, next time he said he is from a backward class and sometimes later he said he is a proud Gujarati trader. Nitish Kumar accused Modi for publicly seeking votes on the basis of religion, caste, place and their profession.

It was evident in the article that Nitish Kumar was angry, upset and sad for the way a person who is sitting in a prime minister chair is destroying the great Indian tradition and diversity. He had also accused Modi for wearing the suit worth lakhs, being close to capitalists and asking votes as if he is a “chaiwala” (tea seller).

It’s an irony that a person who is currently being accused of changing his colour for changing the alliance had accused another person a few months ago for the very same reason! Things you post on social media and Internet, never disappears so easily!

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