Shankh Naad creates a fake story – protests of Muslims against Israel – with 6 year old Sri Lanka’s photo

A notorious Facebook page with over 13 million followers caught many times spreading lies and fake morphed pics to incite hatred against a particular community in India!

Spreading hatreds and inciting communal tensions in India has become very easy nowadays due to the large penetration of social media and social messaging apps like WhatsApp, where anyone with a vested interest can create and spread false information and edited/morphed pics and videos. ShankhNaad is one of such name that has Facebook page, Twitter account and a website with millions of followers.

Recently, on 4th July 2017, ShankhNaad’s Twitter account posted a pic of a Muslim protest happened in 2012 in Sri Lanka.

And the problem is, it has cunningly used the caption “Typical protest against #Jews and #Israel #ModiInIsrael #ModiIsraelVisit“, just to mislead people to make them believe that the Indian Muslims are protesting against Modi’s Israel visit.

Here is one example how this ShankhNaad incites hatred between Hindus and Muslims on their Facebook page:

From the above Facebook post, it can be easily understand the kind of mindset they are having. If you follow the news report of Hindustan Times, you will know that there were many more culprits (police officers) than “Waseema Shaikh”. Still, they have posted: “Why no outrage over this? Jailor Waseema Shaikh inserted lathi inside private parts of Hindu woman convict. Inspired by Mohammad Afroze?

According to the report by Hindustan Times,

The witness said Manjula was stripped by women constables she identified as Bindu Naikade, Waseema Shaikh, Shital Shegaonkar, Surekha Gulve and Aarti Shingne. The witness said Bindu and Surekha then held Manjula’s legs apart and Waseema inserted the lathi into her private parts.

There were 4 criminals with Hindu names and there was one criminal with a Muslim name. Now you know what’s ShankhNaad’s intentions.

Image Credit: Sususwamy

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