in and caught sharing “photoshopped” pic of Indian flag on Israeli parliament roof

TheYouth Facebook page’s post has been shared over 2127 times, and Postcard’s post has been shared over 307 times with 8k+ likes and hundreds of comments, at the time of writing this post!

Two notorious websites ( and and their Facebook pages have been caught again, this time photoshopping and sharing an edited photo of Indian and Israeli flags on the roof of Israeli parliament building to exaggerate the Indian PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Israel. And the both captions say, “Proud moment for every Indian. First time in Israeli history, they waved an Indian flag on their parliament roof before arrival of PM Modi.

Yes, it’s a historical visit of an Indian prime minister to Israel, but the mass fake news producing websites and its Facebook pages are seems like happy to spread photoshopped images to exaggerate the fact to spread fake nationalism. According to these websites, Indian citizens will have to feel proud over a photoshopped Indian flag and a fake story.

Original photo of Israeli Parliament building by James Emery is posted below:

As stated on the website, was founded by Mahesh Vikram HegdeVivek Shetty and Ankita Rajvardhan.

Altnews’ Pratik Sinha said, While Mahesh Hegde is followed by PM Modi on Twitter, Vivek Shetty and Ankita Rajvardhan are followed by other Union Ministers such as Piyush Goyal on Twitter. Ankita Rajvardhan also has pictures with various Union Ministers including Sushma SwarajGen VK SinghRajnath Singh on her Twitter profile. Postcard News’ Facebook page has nearly 190k followers.

Left: Vivek Shetty, Right: Mahesh Vikram Hegde is run by Mrityunjay Chaubey of Indore (based on the whois data), who also runs a fake nationalism and right-wing website called (check the whois data).

Mrityunjay Chaubey who runs and

The Youth’s Facebook page has over 500K followers and Defence News of India has nearly 1 million followers. Now, just think how many people are being brainwashed by these people! Just look at a screenshot of this guy’s Facebook post below:

There is an interesting investigative article about the mass production of reported here:


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