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A dead mother woken up after hearing her baby’s cry in Hong Kong hospital – A hoax story

Millions of people are sharing and typing “God is great!” on a fake story with a video, which had several thousands of shares across social media and messaging platforms!

Miracle! A dead mother (for 3 hours) was woken up by her crying baby in Queen Elizabeth hospital, Hong Kong. Type Amen and God is great! – – These were the words being added in many viral posts on WhatsApp and Facebook on a video of a crying baby seems to be just delivered by its mom.

The video is cute and heartwarming, but the caption of this video is exaggerating. Everyone seems to be very interested in bringing up a dead human and tag the incident with their favourite Gods. Viral videos claimed that a baby’s cry brings a mother back to life! What’s the truth?

Any person with a sixth sense called “common sense” can understand that this is just a hoax video, or a fake story attached with a real video of a crying baby and mom. She wasn’t dead, she was tired, fainted due to the delivery of her baby either by natural birth or a C-section birth. It’s a common phenomenon.

Moreover, you can hear a person talking with the baby and a nurse’s voice as well. According to some comments on such videos, those persons were talking in Portuguese language, not Chinese. If the video was from Hong Kong, the people in the video should have used the Chinese language.

A quick search through international media and Hong Kong media can give you an idea – No mainstream media and online news websites published this news. Only some “make money online by publishing fake/viral stories” websites as well as religiously “exaggerating” websites have published this story to convince themselves and their followers.

This was the video which was viral:

Who wants to check facts? Why do we need to reject such hoax videos? Who cares. Just type Amen!

What do you think?

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