Alien aircraft “UFO” videos from Malaysia and millions of fools

Apart from YouTube views and other shares, these videos have been shared over 123460 times through a Facebook post that garnered over 100 million views!

UFO sightings, alien aircraft videos, strange aircraft videos, unidentified flights with light trails over mountains, etc., are not new to the internet. Although many intelligent people know the truth about these videos, still we have millions of internet users who still believes in them and share it widely without checking facts about such videos. Let’s see some facts about three videos that says “UFO sighted in Malaysia.”

As every alien aircraft (UFO, Unidentified Flying Object) video, these videos also are not clear and they are blurry with distortions and clearly inaudible sound quality. Other than Sci-Fi movie videos, all the alleged “real UFO sighted” videos on the internet have the same characteristics – no clear vision, no clear sound, no authenticity and an abrupt ending!

Coming to these three videos, which were shared by a Facebook profile named “Dino Marques,” have been collectively shared nearly 123K times and have been viewed by over 100 million Facebook users! This post shared on January 30 states that “it happened in Malaysia yesterday.”

The same videos have been started several months ago, or maybe years ago on YouTube and other video platforms. A quick search about UFO videos will land you in pages that were published long ago. Still, for some people, yesterday is yesterday and they never check the date of post, nor they will try to find the fact.

Any person with a sixth sense called as “common sense” can understand that these videos are fake, edited with mixed sound from other videos and some VFX. Anything sells on internet as far as it is exciting and interesting to watch! If you are a person with the “sixth sense,” then it’s your duty to explain this to your friends who don’t have this common sense.


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