BJP MLA Sudhir Gadgil, 20000 crores new currency note and hoax story

A Facebook post with a screenshot that shows 3 images together and message about the seizure of 20,000 crores new 2000 currency notes from BJP MLA Sudhir Gadgil’s car has been shared over 16,000 times!

Despite being debunked by ABP News’ Viral Sach and other mainstream media and online news websites, the photos of 2,000 Rupees currency notes and a seized car with a message saying that 20,000 crores of new notes have been seized from a BJP MLA’s car, is being shared widely.

This news was reported as fake in 2016, but a Facebook user uploaded the screenshot on 4th January 2017 and has been shared 16,617 times at the time of writing this post. This post is receiving comments even today, which means people are not aware that it’s a fake news.

This message reads:

“Congrats India from Modi. 20 thousand crores of new currency caught from BJP MLA Sudhir Gadgill’s car. Spread this news all over India through social media.. because our indian media is not having guts to speak against Modi and his party members..”



The vehicle seized by the police was Sangli Urban Bank’s and its chairman is Ganesh Gadgil, brother of BJP MLA Sudhir Gadgil. Investigation has given them clean chit as the driver had the bank licence and documents related to the cash, according to ABP Viral Sach.

There were no new currency notes in the seized vehicle and the seized amount was 6 crores, not 20 thousand crores. Those were old 500, and 1,000 currency notes seized and later released by the police.

And the funny thing here is the questions asked by people on social media after sharing this fake news: “Where is Indian media?” 😛

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