Free Modi Laptop Yojna 2017 – It’s Fake, A Scam

If you have ever witnessed a message or Facebook post that claims to give you free laptop through Modi Laptop Yojna 2017, or any similar names, do not open the link. Instead, report the link on Facebook and delete the message from WhatsApp and alert other members of the group to stay away from such scams.

When a person click on one of the links from the scam message about getting free laptop, it will lead to a website where you will have to share to at least 12-15 people. Sometimes, you will have to invite people through WhatsApp groups. No one will ever get any laptop!

What’s the profit in it for the website owners? They won’t scam you a single rupee. All they get from your website visit is advertising revenue. Those scam websites have loads of advertisements and when a person out of 100 people click on it, they will get money. When a person shares the link to any WhatsApp group or Facebook timeline, many innocent people visits the link and they can’t even distinguish between the links and advertisements. Believe it or not, the number of visitors can reach up to several lakhs!, and are four of such fake “Yojna” websites. These websites have been registered under fake numbers, email IDs and mobile numbers.

There could be many more such fake websites that tells people to share to more people to get the free stuffs. Beware and make your friends understand their intentions.

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