Kerala’s mosque set an example by pledging to reduce noise pollution

Pakistan’s mosque, uff sorry, Kerala’s mosque has set an example of communal harmony and showed their support to reduce noise pollution throughout the religious places by reducing the 5 times azaan (calling for prayer)on loudspeakers to only one time per day.

Many people have lauded and supported the decision of the authorities of 17 mosques at Vazhakkad in the Malappuram district of Kerala state in India.

“The decision was in response to the public opinion that indiscriminate use of  loudspeakers had a negative effect on nearby schools, merchants and even public meetings of various organisations and that it should be stopped,” says T.P Abdul Azeez, president of the council to the Deccan Chronicle.

According to the India Today, using of loudspeakers on other religious programs will also be stopped. For your information, Kerala’s Muslim League supremo Hyderali Tangal appealed all the mosque authorities to reduce noise pollution in 2015.

Kerala has set another example of communal harmony and brotherhood amongst its people on June 1st, when a Hindu temple in the same district held an iftar party for the Muslims. Well done Kerala!

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