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AR Rahman’s views on Beef Ban in India – Fake or Real?

No. AR Rahman hasn’t uttered a single word on beef ban or anti cow slaughter rules in India. The only real words used in the fake photos, which are being shared by Postcard News and similar propaganda sites is – My mother was a practising Hindu.

The sentence, my mother was a practising Hindu, was taken from AR Rahman’s interview excerpts published in Scroll (online news website).

A similar photo with fake quote was also shared (tweeted) by a pro right-wing Twitter account S Gurumurthy. In this image, you can find the usage of “The Verve” and “World News” logos, which belongs to the media that doesn’t even exist!

Similar Photoshop work was done in another fake quote image with Google CEO Sundar Pichai, which also contained words related to cow slaughter and beef ban.

Postcard News is one of the main source of fake news, which are spread across the social media in India. They don’t just spread fake news, they fascinate people on nationalism and spread the right-wing propaganda and make the people forget the real issues like unemployment, economy, etc.. In the below screenshot, you can see how they manage to get 400+ shares on Facebook for a fake post of a fake survey, just to keep its followers excited.

You should read this detailed post about Postcard News and its mass production of fake news by Pratik Sinha of Alt News: Click Here. I also recommend you to follow SM Hoax Slayer and keep yourself updated.

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