Fake Eggs, Plastic Eggs or Synthetic Eggs from China: Real or Fake?

You might have watched fake egg or plastic egg videos, photos and even read articles about distinguishing between real eggs and fake eggs. Nowadays, social media pages, profiles and even big media names like Zee News, India Today, India Times and many other websites are publishing rumour articles without adding evidences to it. Recently, I have seen a program in a Kannada news channel named TV9 Kannada. What’s the truth about this?

Whenever a news spread across social media and mainstream media, there will be “China” added to those reports – be it a plastic rice news, plastic cabbage or plastic eggs! These reports are UNPROVEN and just a HOAX!

Rumors about plastic/synthetic eggs are not new. It’s being circulated every now and then on social media and sometimes the report of seizure of “bad eggs” were misunderstood as “fake eggs” by media as well as people who are sharing such news. Below is an example of such news.

In April 2017, Zee News’ website has published a story about the seizure of fake eggs in Kolkata, India. This article is coming on top of the Google search and people still reading it. The website hasn’t updated the article with the lab report yet!

In this article of DNA, they’ve mentioned that the seized eggs from Kolkata aren’t fake eggs! Lab report claimed that the eggs seized in Kolkata are harmless.

Some YouTube videos showed the burning eggs, some videos showed the mixing of egg yolks with the white layer (albumin) and some videos showed about the rubbery behaviour of eggs. These are bad eggs, which could have been in shelf for very longer or maybe those eggs were refrigerated and then brought to shelf for the sale. They aren’t plastic eggs! There is no laboratory test or any evidences to prove the plastic eggs!

Besides, if you calculate the profitability of the fake plastic/synthetic eggs, no illegal businessman would try to produce plastic eggs in bulk! Real eggs are way cheaper than the price of those rumored synthetic materials used in such hoax eggs.

For an assurance, here’s a report of Narendra Nayak, a retired biochemist from Mangalore about such plastic rice and eggs! You can also read an article published in 2007 by, which states this claim as “Unsubstantiated.”

And if you have seen the videos or photos of plastic or synthetic foods anywhere, you should watch the video below. In this video, you can see how Japanese artists create fake foods for display in restaurants to attract customers. Those food aren’t meant for the consumption!

You might have read about the materials used in the manufacturing of synthetic eggs, such as this:

Plastic eggs are composite of  various raw materials…the egg shell is made of calcium carbonate and the egg yolk and egg white are made of sodium alginate, alum, gelatin, eatable calcium chloride , water and food color. 

If you check the anatomy an egg from this link, you would know that “eggshell is made almost entirely of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) crystals.” Moreover, the above mentioned chemicals and synthetic materials would cost much higher to produce a fake egg than the cost of a real egg!

There are rumors about GMO eggs, which turns its yolk into a different color than the real eggs that has pure yellow yolks. According to the fact checking site, if any eggs are boiled/cooked for longer period, eggs will develop gray-green sulfur rings around their yolks. You may read the complete report from here.

My verdict: Fake eggs exist, created by artists for display purpose, not as food!

I will update this article as long as I research on it and find some facts. If you have any questions and queries related to any hoax news, you can ask here:

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