Black chicken skin, feather, meat, beak and black eggs: Real or Fake?

You might have stumbled upon black Chicken meat, black coloured hen, black rooster, black chicken meat and black eggs on your Facebook timeline or WhatsApp messages. Actually, those photos of black chicken meat and rooster are true, but the black eggs showed along with these pictures are not the chicken eggs – those are Emu’s eggs.

If you want to know more about those chicken breeds, read further. Pure black rooster and hens are REAL! There is a breed called as Ayam Cemani, which was originated in Java Islands, Indonesia. Because of a dominant gene that caused hyperpigmentation, this chicken breed has black feathers, skin, internal organs and even beaks.

Sometimes, small traces of other colors like brown and white can be found in this type of chicken. However, because of the medicinal facts (most probably it’s a myth!) the pure black chicken has valued higher than the black chicken with small traces of other colors.

In India, the pure black chicken is available in the name of Kadaknath or Karinkozhi (Black Chicken in Tamil, Malayalam). Meat and eggs of this breed costs much higher than the normal chickens. Check out the images of completely black chickens below: (Sources: Wikipedia / Green Fire Farms / Chicken Hill)

Ayam Cemani and Kadaknath/Karinkozhi’s eggs are Cream in color with a light layer of pink. You can see in the image below: (Source: Cemanifarms)

People are sharing black chickens OK, but adding black eggs along with it is not OK! Black eggs are from Emu birds. You can see the images below!

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