The story of Deccan Chronicle’s article on Hrithik Roshan formatting a fan’s phone

Fake news, exaggerated news, reporting rumors as news has become common for online news websites as well as mainstream media. It has become very difficult to differentiate between the real news and the fake one. Let’s show you an example of an exaggerated story, which could be a real news (and we will know about it if the story unfolds in coming days).

Recently, on June 5 2017, a reputed media outlet’s online news portal Deccan Chronicle has published a news titled “An enraged Hrithik Roshan misbehaves with fan, formats her phone for taking pictures.”

The article has reported that a fangirl took a photograph of Hrithik Roshan in a gym, while doing his workouts and he was angry after this incident. Citing an “onlooker” source, the report said that “Upon learning that his personal space was being invaded, Hrithik got upset and walked up to the lady and asked her to delete the pictures. Then, he took the phone and formatted it.

This story was later copied and spread by various smaller websites as well as Facebook pages, as you can see yourself by copying the title text of that article to Google and Facebook search form. However, before the story (it could be real, but it really seems like a fake story, or an exaggerated version of the incident, if happened) went viral, the Bollywood actor himself helped spread this story by tweeting (slamming) with a screenshot of the article!

Hrithik said in his tweet, “Hey Deccan, U are really great at writing chronicles of fantasia. Let’s meet up whenever u are back from la la land. Cheers” (sic).

What to take from this incident? Simple. Articles without proper source or links to the original stories or any facts and proofs, can’t and shouldn’t be trusted. Be aware of this and don’t be a fool anymore!

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