Did Google CEO Sundar Pichai said anything on beef ban in India?

There is a quote in the form of an image with Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s photo and a blue logo of The Verve (World’s no.1 bulletin) is being circulated all over social media including Facebook, Twitter and even on WhatsApp groups. Did he said anything about beef ban and anti-cow slaughtering rules in India? Did he released any press statements?

NO. As far as we searched the Internet through Google Search, the official blogs/websites of Google/Sundar Pichai, social media accounts of both the company and the CEO, we haven’t found any credible source related to Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s statement on beef ban. (In the image, his name is mentioned as Sundar Pitchai (with an extra “t”).

If you have common sense, you would understand that anyone can create any kind of images with any quotes and anyone’s photos on it and release to the THIRSTY social media, where any lies and fake photoshopped images could go viral!

Here’s one more such quote, which is fake, posted on Facebook:

Be an intelligent person and educate your friends about such photoshopped images. Now, don’t try to uninstall the Google App and don’t give them 1 Star review to #BoycottGoogle 😛

Meanwhile, here’s Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s statement for readers:

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