It’s not Kerala’s cow slaughter photo, It’s Pakistan’s, Pic taken in 2012

There are several photos of public and market cow slaughter photos being shared on WhatsApp and Facebook to show the anger and incite anger towards people who eat beef in India. One of this photo (posted below) is taken in 2012 in Pakistan, during a Eid festival. Proof Link attached below.

Most of those pictures are very cruel and being taken from Google from different websites, just to make the recent cow slaughter protest in Kerala more cruel. It’s true that Kerala’s Youth Congress has publicly slaughtered a cow in order to protest the anti-slaughter rule by Central Govt. The party has even publicly released a statement condemning the attack and suspended those party members.

Here are the links of the above photo:

Pakistani website TheNews.Com.Pk’s link: Click Here. (uploaded in 2012)

A Pakistani Classified website’s post: Click Here. (uploaded in 2014)

After this incident, Kerala’s senior BJP leader has posted a photo of cow slaughter saying that it’s from Kerala’s protest. But, this photo was taken in Bangladesh in 2010. Here is a complete report and proof about this photo. This photo has been shared by 1,500+ users and received over 4,500 comments. The same photo can also be seen in different FB groups, profiles and Pages.

Similarly, fake photos are being shared on WhatsApp groups too. And, no one can count the number of share and virality of such fake pics. If you are a vegetarian, please excuse. And if you are a non-veg and feeling angry after seeing a photo of a cow being slaughtered, please watch the below photo and stop eating CHICKEN and MUTTON as well.

Bonus: Look who’s sharing a fake pic of “Cow With World Map?”

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