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Look who is spreading a fake photo of a cow with world map on it!

Nowadays, people started to share embarrassing fake photos and photoshop-edited images on Facebook and WhatsApp. Today I saw a photo of “World Map on a Cow!” photo doing rounds in the social media. Hundreds of people have publicly shared this pic stating that the cow is in Udupi (a coastal city in Karnataka, India).

A person named Mayank Sethi, who is a Deputy Incharge of BJP IT Cell Database section, according to his Facebook Profile, has shared the image of a “photoshopped” photo of a cow with world map over its skin.

He also added this message in the tweet:

This cow is in Udipi with the world map,
in full, on its body naturally. What a great
Leela of Lord Krishna. @narendramodi @ombirlakota

This tweet has retweeted by 279 people and liked by 263 people so far! Many people have shared this on their Twitter timeline as well as Facebook profiles.

Wake up people. A simple Google Search will show you what is real and what is fake! Unless you start to check facts before sharing and tweeting, you will fall to fake photos shared by fools like Mayank Sethi.

Word of advice, please take a moment to check the authencity of an image before forwarding it.

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