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No! WhatsApp & Facebook won’t donate money to cancer patients for a Like & Share

We know, you are intelligent. But you know that many of your friends on Facebook and WhatsApp aren’t! Sometimes, it’s very embarrassing to see our friends share spam posts and messages on social media and social messaging platforms. One of the is – “Please Like and Share this post so that Facebook or WhatsApp will donate 50 paise or 1 Rs. to the victim!”.

Facebook & WhatsApp never donates money on the basis of Likes, Shares and Forwards

These are called chain messages, which are absolutely fake and the social media companies won’t count the shares and message forwards to give them donation money in any form. I don’t know why people create and share such messages. There could be many reasons someone would post such messages. Few of them are:

1: To get most shares and likes on Facebook so that their Facebook page will get more page likes, which can be utilised later for spam contents.

2: To malign a person’s image by using their photos. Anyone can send a photo of any random person and add a sad and pleading voice message with it so that people will emotionally forward such messages to WhatsApp groups and personal messages. Beware! Someone can send your photo with a message stating that you are a cancer patient.

3: Just for fun! Yes, there are people who find immersive pleasure through fake messages. In normal life, we call them psychopaths!

One example of such fake stories:

We can’t show the WhatsApp examples, because the messages are in voice format and there are photos of allegedly cancer patients.

Now, no-matter how silly this matter is to you, it’s your duty to spread this truth and tell your friends on Facebook and WhatsApp to stop the bullshit fake forwards and help them to become an intelligent person.

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