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Hello There! My name is YemZii, a common man from Mangalore, a coastal city in India. Now don’t try to find out my religion before reading this. I am not biased towards any religion or political party. OK, enough of the weird introduction of myself and let’s move towards the point of writing my first article on

There are already a ton of websites, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and WhatsApp groups that provides all latest news and information to you. But ask yourself a question, do you trust those news and news sources? According to a recent data from the latest Harvard-Harris Poll, over 65 percent of the voters think that there are more fake news reports than the real news in the mainstream media. And the not-so-shocking revelation is, 84 percent of them believe that most of the news stories published online (websites, social media, etc.) are fake. This poll was conducted in the United States.

Now come to our country, India. I don’t think most of the social media users including Facebook and WhatsApp have common sense. Most of them believe whatever posts and messages being directed towards them as long as it satisfy their desire. Although, the top-level politicians and their political organizations, corrupt officials, crony capitalists, religious leaders and large corporations were caught spreading fake news stories, edited (photoshopped) pics and morphed videos, people still believe in them.

Besides, there are many fake news and stories being shared just for fun and purely with foolishness, such as sending a pic and a voice message to everyone so that Facebook/WhatsApp will donate 1 Rs to the person in the photo!

What’s going wrong with the people? I hope you have read and watched news reports on mainstream media and online media about the recent mob lynching incidents because of fake WhatsApp messages. It’s very disturbing and it’s not the first time! Before the social media era, the rumors were the main cause for many lynching incidents as well as communal riots in India. Those rumors were either accidentally spread or intentionally created to gain some votes from a particular community. For example, just throw cow’s head inside/near a temple or pig’s head to a mosque. Or, just physically handicap/kill a person from a particular religion targeting the opposite religion’s vote bank.

I think, the love towards their religions and communities, mass illiteracy and relying on corrupt politicians are the key reasons they fall into the hands of propagandists very easily. As a responsible citizen of India, what can we do to bring out the truth? Here comes my point of view to solve this issue, slowly and steadily. We should educate people to use their common sense to differentiate the real news vs fake news and the truth vs propaganda. In order to achieve this, I believe, the educator should be a non-biased person and he shouldn’t lean towards any particular religion, political party or organization.

So, what would you get from website and its social media accounts, including YouTube channels? My aim is to just “expose” the truth behind the news reports and other things that are going viral on social media and messaging platforms. I didn’t want to use this term, as the word “expose” had lost its value because of Indian TV channels, which spread propaganda in the name of expose!

  • You’ll find a brief videos, photos and article excerpts on our social media accounts.
  • You’ll find brief as well as detailed videos exposing the reality check of any news stories that are viral, on our YouTube channel.
  • You’ll find the links of other non-biased websites and true sources to support the claims.
  • You’ll find the facts and proofs for whatever The Fake Buster claims.
  • Sometimes, if we are unable to find the proofs, we will leave the verdict on you. You have to decide whether it’s a real news or fake!

That’s all for today. I hope I have come out of writer’s block after many months (I’ve forgotten to tell you that I was a technology blogger before!). We, The Fake Buster, will have to think more and get ideas from our readers and well wishers to spread the truth of Fake Stories to each and every citizen of India. I hope The Fake Buster will get support from the responsible citizens! Stay Tuned.

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